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Seattle Public Utilities logo above a collage of photos showing community members engaged in environmental activities like community cleanup, green space maintenance, drain painting, and waste sorting.

Seattle Public Utilities 2024 Spring Neighborhood Stewardship 

Spring to action! Sign up today to help keep Seattle clean, protect our environment, and build community with your neighbors. Get involved in your neighborhood with Seattle Public Utilities this spring!  As the days grow longer and spring awaken...

Adopt a Street Keeps Seattle Clean 

One big way to get involved in Spring Neighborhood Stewardship is to volunteer with Seattle Adopt a Street (AAS)! Have you seen those yellow trash bags around the city? Well, that is thanks to the mighty AAS team, composed of a part-time program manager and one college intern, who… [ Keep reading ]

It’s Official! Relicensing the South Fork Tolt Hydroelectric Project Is Underway 

The City of Seattle filed documents on April 8 with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to formally begin relicensing the South Fork Tolt Hydroelectric Project. These documents are called the Notice of Intent (NOI) and Pre-Application Document (PAD). Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) are collaborating on… [ Keep reading ]

Break Free from Plastic: Your Five-Day Challenge Starts Now 

Most of us agree, plastics are a major problem that needs to be addressed. Plastic is everywhere around us, from the packages that hold our food and beverages to the toys and gadgets we use regularly. There’s no doubt that the reliance on plastics has increased, but this convenience comes… [ Keep reading ]

First-Grader Contacts SPU on Behalf of School: “Hello Sidewalk Fixers”

Mushi, a first-grade student, recently wrote to the City of Seattle about an item that he knew needed some love and attention. It was a water utility vault lid in front of his school that had become a slipping hazard for students when it rained. Mushi’s request made its way… [ Keep reading ]

This Year’s Legislative Session Had Wins for SPU

SPU is celebrating accomplishments in affordability, environmental justice, and waste reduction after the state legislative session concluded on March 7. Our Government Relations staff worked with lawmakers to advance legislative and budget requests in the state’s operating and capital budgets, as well as support specific bills. Read about SPU’s legislative… [ Keep reading ]

SPU Apprentices Celebrate Graduation With Hugs and Smiles

By 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Todd Snider stood behind a podium at the Museum of Flight. Before him were about 100 SPU colleagues and guests seated at tables. Slowly and carefully, Snider, who is SPU’s Apprenticeship Program Manager, read aloud seven first names of special people in the audience: “Darrick…Thomas…Matthew…Juan…Ismael…Jamaal…and… [ Keep reading ]

SPU Receives National Environmental Awards

SPU’s Apprenticeship and RV Wastewater programs have received national honors for innovations in Workforce Development and Operations and Environmental Performance, respectively. SPU employees were in Austin, Texas, on February 14 as both programs accepted the 2024 National Environmental Achievement Awards from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA). The… [ Keep reading ]

Better Together: Partnering With Customers and Community

Delivering on SPU’s commitment to provide clean, safe, and reliable drinking water to 1.6 million people every day could not happen without the dedication and expertise of our staff. We’re fortunate and proud to have some of the best and brightest subject-matter experts in the utility industry, and it shows… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Public Utilities Vault Preserves City’s Infrastructure History

On the 47th floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower lies a treasure trove of history, but it’s not what one might expect. It’s the Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Engineering Records Center, known as the “Vault.” Under the charge of Supervisor Geoffrey Brown and his team of experts, the Vault is… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Says Goodbye to Batteries and Electronics in the Garbage

The start of the new year can inspire a fresh start to declutter and organize our living spaces. You might stumble upon a collection of old batteries or outdated electronics. How you handle these has changed as of January 1, 2024, and a new rule is in place – batteries… [ Keep reading ]