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Break Free from Plastic: Your Five-Day Challenge Starts Now 

Most of us agree, plastics are a major problem that needs to be addressed.  

Plastic is everywhere around us, from the packages that hold our food and beverages to the toys and gadgets we use regularly. There’s no doubt that the reliance on plastics has increased, but this convenience comes at a cost. As plastic production has surged, so has plastic pollution. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, only 14% of plastic packaging is recycled worldwide. Most of it ends up in landfills, leaks into the ocean, or gets burned.   

The problem doesn’t stop there, it’s not just plastic, but also our throw-away culture that is driving plastic pollution and a host of other environmental problems.  

But there’s good news, you have the power to make a difference. This Earth Day, we ask you to join a movement that prioritizes the planet over plastic.   

We challenge you to commit to making one change a day, for five days and cut down on plastic.  

5 Simple Ways to Eliminate Plastic 

  1. Use Reusable Cups: Bring your own cup, water bottle, or coffee tumbler to enjoy your favorite drink. It’s a simple way to help the environment while avoiding plastic cups. 
  2. Bring Your Own Container (BYOC): Dining out for your next meal? Pack a sealed glass or stainless steel container for leftovers. No need to waste food you can’t finish or use the restaurant’s plastic container when you can bring your own container. Your server may even thank you! 
  3. Avoid Fast Fashion: Clothes made from synthetic materials like polyester contribute to plastic pollution. Try to buy clothes made from natural materials like cotton or wool instead. 
  4. Make Your Own Cleaning Products: Rather than buying cleaning products in plastic bottles, consider making your own using simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. Store your homemade cleaners in glass or metal containers to minimize plastic waste. 
  5. Use Reusable Bags: Invest in a reusable bag when shopping for fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. Reusable bags are made from cotton, mesh, or other eco-friendly materials. They’re washable and can be used repeatedly.

Considering the environmental effects of what we consume can feel overwhelming, but when we take a moment to think about simple changes we can make in our own lives, the path to a greener future becomes clearer.  

It’s time to get started! Reach out to your friends and neighbors and embark on a plastic-free challenge together. Commit to making one change a day for five days, whether it’s switching to reusables or opting for sustainable fashion choices. And who knows, perhaps the five-day challenge will turn into your new norm.