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Adopt a Street Keeps Seattle Clean 

One big way to get involved in Spring Neighborhood Stewardship is to volunteer with Seattle Adopt a Street (AAS)!  

Have you seen those yellow trash bags around the city? Well, that is thanks to the mighty AAS team, composed of a part-time program manager and one college intern, who go above and beyond for our community every day. Adopt a Street is Seattle’s grassroots litter and graffiti removal program. Adopting a street means you will commit to cleaning up litter along a street segment of your choice or even do a one-time cleanup. AAS provides volunteers with all the resources to be successful at the cleanup! 

Big Impact, Big Numbers: 

In 2023, AAS reported that 23,873 volunteer work hours contributed to a substantial value of $759,161 as per the Value of Volunteer Time report. There was also a 56% increase in cleanup reports compared to 2022.  

Beyond Clean Streets: 

AAS plays a crucial role in the Mayor’s One Seattle Day of Service (OSDOS), providing logistical support for over 110 service events across the city. Stay tuned for future highlights exploring OSDOS in more detail! 

Strength in Community: 

Adopt a Street has created deep-rooted connections with our community! They take huge pride in their partnerships with community organizations such as Mount Baker Hub Alliance, A Cleaner Alki, Rainier Beach Action Coalition, Building Lake City Together, Caring for Capitol Hill, Tidy Uptown, and corporate partners such as Smartsheet, Patagonia Seattle, Adobe, Amazon, and many more! 

Want to learn more? 

Visit the Adopt a Street site or contact Jenny Frankl, the AAS Program Manager!