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Customers Share Water-Saving Tips, Plus Alex Chen Talks Water Supply and Climate Change

In this week’s update on Seattle’s regional water supply, we hear from five customers who share some of the measures they are taking at home to save water.

Watch the video for 60 seconds of water-saving inspiration.

Customers in Seattle’s Chinese community share ways they are saving water.

How does the recent rain and weather forecast play a role in water supply? And, what about climate change? Alex Chen explains.

We certainly appreciate all the creative ways people are choosing to save water, and the good news is that our efforts are paying off!

As of November 6, our average daily consumption for the region is 104 million gallons per day (mgd). Remember, our goal is to get to and remain at 100 mgd or less this fall. Let’s keep it up! Check below for more ways to save water or go to

Graph showing Seattle regional water usage in millions of gallons per day (mgd) by month from January through December 2023. From January to mid-May the mgd hovered just above 100. From mid-May to late September the mgd  ranged from 150 to 200. Since  September 21, when the region was asked to reduce water usage, the mgd has steadily declined from 150 toward the goal of 100 mgd. As of early November the mgd is just above the goal at 104.

If you are wondering how the recent rainfall is impacting our water supply, the short answer is that it’s helping to reverse the downward trend our mountain reservoirs have been undergoing. But unfortunately, it’s not nearly enough to raise the water levels in the reservoirs to what is normal for this time of year. It’s important to keep using less water to stretch our supply.

SPU’s Deputy Director for Drinking Water, Alex Chen, explains in this video the various tools SPU uses to manage the region’s water supply, including computer models and weather forecasts. Alex also shares information about the utility’s long-term planning and climate change. Watch the video here.

Here are some ways to use less water:

  • Reduce rinsing, scrape your plate and let the dishwasher do the rest.
  • Shorten your shower. Save 2 gallons for every minute you shave off your shower.
  • Don’t leave the tap running. Turn off the water while shaving and brushing your teeth.
  • Use a broom. Sweep to clean patios and sidewalks instead of using a hose or power washer.
  • Run full loads. Wait to run your washing machine or dishwasher until it’s full.

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We encourage our customers to continue reducing their water usage. There are lots of different ways for all families and businesses to use less water. Go to the Saving Water Partnership or download our water-saving tips flyer in multiple languages

Stay tuned for our next update on the region’s water supply, which will be published on this blog on Monday, November 13.  For more details about the region’s water supply, check SPU’s Water Supply Conditions web pageupdated weekly.