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Seattle Residents and Businesses Keep Taking Water Savings to the Next Level

Since we asked residents to reduce their water use, the region’s water consumption has dropped from an average of 149 mgd on Sept 18 to 120 mgd as of Oct 9. However, consumption did increase over the sunny weekend. Please keep saving water. Together we can reach our goal of 100 mgd or less until we get enough rain this fall to replenish our mountain reservoirs.

Despite the recent rain and the rain we’re getting this week, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is asking 1.5 million people who get water from the Seattle Regional Water System to voluntarily reduce your use. Our reservoir levels are still below average for this time of year. The recent and forecasted rain isn’t enough to replenish them after the extremely dry summer. It’s important that customers continue to use less water to help stretch our supply for both people and fish. It’s been a little over two weeks since we asked customers to reduce their use, and families, businesses, and departments within the City of Seattle are coming up with their own ways to answer the call. But what does a region that’s already good at using water efficiently do when asked to save even more? Here are just a few examples of the ways Seattle is saving water.

Residents and families  

We really appreciate the extra steps that everyone is taking to save water at home.

  • Melissa and Brian in Ballard turned off their automatic sprinkler system.
  • Rebecca and Adam in Hilman City are doing bath time with their kids twice a week now instead of every other day.
  • Dan in Lake City is shortening his shower, turning the water off after just one song.
  • My household in West Seattle is working on teaching our 2 year-old to turn off the tap while brushing teeth and washing hands. It’s sinking in because yesterday he admonished me to turn off the faucet saying, “save some water for Seattle!”
  • Lots of folks have told us they are letting the yellow mellow, but we won’t identify any of you by name 😉

Local businesses

The business community has long shown a commitment to using water as efficiently as possible and many have stepped up to help spread the word about the current water shortage.

  • Organizations like the Seattle 2030 District, the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals, and Seattle Pacific University are helping spread the word about the need to use less water right now.
  • EnviroStars businesses have committed to taking steps to green their business practices, including reducing water use.
  • Through the Saving Water Partnership, SPU works with dozens of commercial properties each year, providing technical and financial assistance on water efficiency projects.

Seattle Public Utilities

We are doing all we can to reduce water use at the utility, including suspending water main flushing and putting extra attention and resources towards fixing water main leaks.

An SPU employee with shovel assists a backhoe digging a trench on city street.
SPU water pipe worker repairing a water main break.

City of Seattle

City departments like Seattle Parks and Recreation has stopped or reduced landscape watering, as has Seattle Public Schools. Across the city we are limiting vehicle washing and turning off most decorative fountains. Seattle Public Libraries and Community Centers around town have posted flyers to help alert the public about the need to save water.  

To everyone doing their part to save water, we thank you and so do the fish! Even seemingly small daily actions add up to make a big impact. Please keep it up!

Learn more

There are lots of different ways for all families and businesses to use less water. Go to the Saving Water Partnership or download our water-saving tips flyer in multiple languages.

Stay tuned for our next update on the region’s water supply, which will be published on this blog on Monday, October 16. For more details about the region’s water supply, check SPU’s Water Supply Conditions web page updated weekly.