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Keep it Up! Water Usage Is Dropping and Here Are More Ways to Save Water

Yes, Seattle, we are asking you to continue using less water. The mountain reservoirs that collect and store our drinking water are still low and have continued a downward trend—even with all this rain. The good news is that our regional water use also continues to have a downward trend as the weather cools and residents cut back on their water use.

However, we still have a little way to go to reach our goal of 100 million gallons per day (mgd) or less.  As of October 23, our average daily consumption is 108 mgd. Wondering what else can we do to save, especially now that we’ve stopped watering our yards and gardens? We are so glad you asked.  

Here are even more ways to use less water…

Everyday actions save water

Open dishwasher being loaded.
  • If you have a dishwasher, use it! Washing by hand typically uses more water.
  • Shorten your shower. Save 2 gallons for every minute you shave off your shower.
  • Don’t leave the tap running. Turn off the water while shaving and brushing your teeth.
  • Use a broom. Sweep to clean patios and sidewalks instead of using a hose or power washer.
  • Run full loads. Wait to run your washing machine or dishwasher until it’s full.

Tips and tricks

Washing hands in a bathroom sink.
  • Wash your hands in the bathroom instead of the kitchen. Bathroom faucets typically have a lower flow rate than kitchen faucets.
  • Keep a pitcher of water in your fridge. You’ll save water by not letting the faucet run while you wait for the temperature to change.
  • Wash fruit and vegetables in a bowl, instead of under running water.  
  • Use your garbage disposal sparingly, compost your food waste instead.

Upgrade fixtures and appliances

Look for WaterSense logo Meets EPA Criteria, Energy Star

Find the most efficient appliance options. WaterSense and EnergyStar will point you to models that save water and perform well.

Get leaks and running toilets fixed right away

A running toilet can use as much water as taking 15 showers a day!

Man lifing toilet tank lid while calling aplumber.

Learn more

We encourage our customers to continue reducing their water usage. There are lots of different ways for all families and businesses to use less water. Go to the Saving Water Partnership or download our water-saving tips flyer in multiple languages

Stay tuned for our next update on the region’s water supply, which will be published on this blog on Monday, October 30.  For more details about the region’s water supply, check SPU’s Water Supply Conditions web page, updated weekly.