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Seattle Restaurants Switch to Composting and Recycling

It’s not garbage anymore!  Composting and recycling items that used to be considered waste starts July 1 at Seattle restaurants, coffee shops, food courts, cafeterias and other food service businesses in a major change driven by a new Seattle ordinance. Customers can now put napkins, paper bags, wooden coffee stir… [ Keep reading ]

Practice Natural Yard Care

Why make a change With the Natural Yard Care guide, you will grow a great-looking, easy-care yard that’s also healthier for kids, pets, and the environment. Get started with these 5 easy steps Build healthy soil Plant right for your site Practice smart watering Think twice before using pesticides Practice… [ Keep reading ]

Tips for a Greener 4th

The Fourth of July kicks off the summer cooking season with lots of outdoor barbecues, fresh summer produce and family fun. Seattle Public Utilities offers the following tips to help make this summer greener and less wasteful. Stop, think, and sort your take out! A new Seattle ordinance, which requires… [ Keep reading ]

Get Involved: Care for a Local Creek

You can make a difference in your watershed by caring for a local creek. Learn about Seattle’s creek systems and get involved in sustaining them! What you can do: Learn about living on a creek and backyard stewardship. Report dumping in a stream or wetland. Trees play a large part… [ Keep reading ]

New compostable food tray debuts at Metropolitan Market

A new product, first of its kind in the world, made its debut in Seattle this week when local chain Metropolitan Market rolled out a fully compostable tan tray for meat, fish and poultry sales. The new type of tray, a “bioplastic” made entirely from corn and not petroleum, was… [ Keep reading ]

SPU at Summer Festivals

Staff from Seattle Public Utilities and Bert the Salmon and Evelyn the Envelope will be at festivals throughout the city this summer. Look for us at the following events: July 10, Ballard Seafood Fest July 11, International District Street Fair July 25, Hispanic Seafair Festival August 1, Pista Sa Nayon… [ Keep reading ]

Mulch Mowers Save Time and Money

How can you simultaneously fertilize your yard and mow your lawn? Switch to a mulching lawn mower. Mulching lawn mowers allow you to “grasscycle,” a lawn care technique that turns grass clippings into fertilizer by blowing them into the lawn as you mow. Also referred to as mulch-mowing, grasscycling saves… [ Keep reading ]

What to Do with Leftover Paint

Recent research shows that latex paint and latex stain can safely be put in the garbage, if it’s dry or solidified first. Latex paint and latex stain are no longer accepted at Household Hazardous Waste facilities. Follow these steps to safely dispose of leftover latex paint and latex stain: With… [ Keep reading ]

West Nile Virus Precautions

Warmer temperatures signal the beginning of mosquito season, and that means taking precautions against West Nile Virus, a mosquito-borne disease. Most people bitten by an infected mosquito don’t get sick, but 20 percent of people bitten experience mild to severe flu-like symptoms. Less than one percent of those who experience… [ Keep reading ]

Look for Free Car Wash Coupon

Be sure to clip the FREE car wash coupon in your July-August @ Your Service newsletter, which comes with your utility bill. Bert’s Car Wash Coupon is our way of saying thanks for choosing the most salmon-friendly way to clean your car. The coupon is good for a free tunnel… [ Keep reading ]