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Mulch Mowers Save Time and Money

How can you simultaneously fertilize your yard and mow your lawn? Switch to a mulching lawn mower.

Mulching lawn mowers allow you to “grasscycle,” a lawn care technique that turns grass clippings into fertilizer by blowing them into the lawn as you mow. Also referred to as mulch-mowing, grasscycling saves both money (grass clippings act as natural fertilizers) and time (no more bagging clippings and dragging them to the curb).

You’ll also help to keep chemical fertilizers out of local waterways by using your clippings to fertilize your lawn the natural way.

If you already have a conventional power lawn power, you can also grasscycle with some simple modifications (learn how in our Mulching Lawn Mower Guide).

But if you’re looking to replace an old mower, consider switching a time-saving, environmentally-friendly mulching lawn mower.

For more information on mulching lawn mowers, visit Mulching Lawn Mower Guide.