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It’s Only a Small Drip… Right?

Research shows that about 8 percent of home water is wasted through leaks. Don’t pay for water you don’t use. If the drip is hot water, you are paying for wasted energy too. A leaking faucet is frequently the result of a bad rubber washer. The washer on a sink… [ Keep reading ]

Calculate Impact of Stormwater on Your Home with Online Tool

Try the Residential RainWise Program’s mapping tool to find useful solutions for controlling stormwater around your home. It’s as easy as entering your address. The tool will then recommend projects you can undertake to reduce your property’s stormwater runoff. Rain falling on our roofs, driveways, or compacted soil rushes off… [ Keep reading ]

Bowl Game Leftovers Make Super Compost

With many Super Bowl parties planned for this Sunday, Seattle Public Utilities reminds residents that they can score a touchdown for the environment by placing all their leftovers in their food and yard waste carts. All food items now go in food and yard waste carts, including chicken bones, pizza… [ Keep reading ]

Volunteer to Plant Trees Along the Cedar River

Join the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed and plant native trees and shrubs along the Cedar River in Maple Valley on Saturday, February 13, from 10 a.m.  to 2 p.m. Lunch will be provided by Seattle Public Utilities. Please sign up in advance by emailing Friends of the Cedar River Watershed is… [ Keep reading ]

Install High Efficiency Showerheads and Save

Installing a high efficiency showerhead is an easy way to reduce water and energy consumption without sacrificing your comfort. You’ll see the savings in your utility bills. You can also save more by replacing older bathroom faucet nozzles (aerators). Purchase new ones that are rated at 1.0 gallons per minute… [ Keep reading ]

Keep Fats, Oils, and Grease Out of Your Drain!

Q:        What is F.O.G.? A:        Fats, Oils, and Grease (F.O.G.) is found in common food and food ingredients such as meat, fish, butter, cooking oil, mayonnaise, gravies, sauces and food scraps.  Q:        Why is F.O.G. a problem? A:        F.O.G. can build up in your private side sewer or in the… [ Keep reading ]

Get Help Painting Out Graffiti in Your Neighborhood

Seattle Public Utilities’ Red Wagon Paint Out Program will provide you with free materials to remove unsightly graffiti on private property in your neighborhood. Supplies provided include: latex paint, paint rollers, roller screen and bucket, gloves, cleanup rags and safety vest. The program supports volunteers conducting one-time paint outs of… [ Keep reading ]

Go Paperless with Your Utility Bill

Stop receiving a paper bill in the mail. You’ll use less paper and save time. Electronic billing is available for all utility customers. Customers create a user ID and password and receive new bill e-mail alerts. You can make single or automatic payments with a credit card or bank account and archive… [ Keep reading ]

Don’t Know How to Dispose of Something?

Disposing of trash can often be difficult. Does something go in recycling, food and yard waste, or the garbage? From what to do with your aerosol cans to your ziplock bags, you have resource in Seattle Public Utilities’ Look It Up! tool. You’ll learn the best, safest, and most environmentally… [ Keep reading ]

Got Game? Test Your Recycling Knowledge

Seattleites of all ages now have a fun way to learn how to dispose of waste in their homes. Play the Where Does It Go? Recycling Game and put your knowledge to the test. See how fast you can correctly sort your food and yard waste, recycling, or garbage into the… [ Keep reading ]