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Stenciling Drains Helps Protect Lakes and Streams

Protecting local streams, creeks and lakes can be as simple as volunteering to stencil storm drains in your neighborhood. When it rains, some storm drains flow directly into Puget Sound or the nearest stream or lake, carrying the hazardous chemicals, pesticides, paints, antifreeze and used motor oil illegally poured down… [ Keep reading ]

Tips for Preventing Local Flooding

With more rain forecast in Seattle for the coming week, here are four tips to help you prevent localized flooding in your neighborhood: Rake a drain. One of the best ways to protect your property is keeping drains clear of leaves and other debris. Completely remove leaves and debris from… [ Keep reading ]

$30 Toilet Discount Ends Oct. 31

Seattle Public Utilities’ $30 instant discount on efficient toilets ends Saturday Oct. 31, 2009. By replacing their old water-guzzling toilets with efficient WaterSense-labeled models, Seattle homeowners can cut their utility bills by $260 a year and reduce water waste. Eligible customers who have misplaced the $30 coupon can receive a… [ Keep reading ]