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2024 Proposed Budget – SPU Highlights

Today, Mayor Bruce Harrell is releasing the 2024 Proposed Mid-Biennial Budget. This budget reflects Mayor Harrell’s continued commitment to, and investment in, bold actions that address the urgent needs of our communities and advance our One Seattle priorities. Mayor Harrell’s proposal continues work initiated in the 2023 Adopted Budget to invest in creating safe, healthy, and thriving communities. This budget continues supporting efforts to deliver effective public safety, build affordable housing and address the homelessness crisis, activate our Downtown, and advance opportunity and equity for all.

With the investments in this budget proposal, we can work together to advance our shared One Seattle vision and an agenda that will inspire the best in our city and keep us moving forward.

Seattle Public Utilities budget is always guided by its Strategic Business Plan (SBP). The 2021-2026 SBP describes SPU’s priorities, guides essential service delivery, and strives to maximize the benefits of our investments. It helps SPU establish a predictable rate path across several years, which helps us reach our goals.

The city works on a biennial budget process, our 2024 budget was created and ‘endorsed’ in late 2022. Our goal this year was to be consistent with the SBP and true to our vision while only making nominal changes to this 2024 Endorsed Budget. We are continuing to support essential service delivery in 2024 by adding $1.6M and 7.5 FTEs in operations and maintenance. The following are highlights of SPU’s key changes in the 2024 Proposed Budget:

  • Establishing a new Duwamish Valley Interdepartmental Team. This proposal would pilot a 5-year, interdepartmental team to advance climate and community resilience in Seattle’s Duwamish Valley, including river flooding infrastructure, Superfund cleanup, and anti-displacement strategies. The request includes funding and position authority for three FTEs starting in 2024.
  • Converting four temporary positions to support long-term work. In the Public Hygiene Program, this is a budget neutral change that will swap expiring temporary pockets for 3-year sunsetting FTEs. In Facilities Management, we are converting a temporary position into a permanent Full-Time Equivalent position due to its ongoing body of work.
  • Graffiti Enhancements. The 2024 Proposed Mid-Biennial Budget funds the Mayor’s One Seattle Graffiti Initiative and provides funding for four FTE to support the program.
  • New funding for the Trees for Neighborhoods program. A $350,000 General Fund add will support the growth of urban tree canopy cover, especially in high-heat neighborhoods, to improve public health, climate resilience, equity, and neighborhood cohesion across Seattle. Specifically, funding will be available to increase the number of trees planted through the Trees for Neighborhoods program by 300 to 1,300 in 2024; establish a tree nursery to grow trees for the program locally; and provide local job training opportunities.
  • Solid Waste Bond Retirement. SPU is requesting budget authority to use existing cash to pay off long-term debt in the Solid Waste Fund earlier than projected.


Over the next two months, the City Council will review the Mayor’s 2024 Proposed Mid-Biennial Budget. Final adoption of the budget is expected on Tuesday, November 21. Read more about the Mayor’s proposed budget.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped prepare the SPU’s Proposed Budget and a special thanks to the Finance team who work year-round to support SPU’s work while keeping rates down.