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Update on King Tide and South Park Community

At 6:46 am, a king tide occurred along the shores of Puget Sound. 

Favorable weather conditions were forecasted for today, and the water level along the Duwamish River remained well below the banks. 

While there was no flooding or drainage issues in South Park associated with the king tide, Seattle Public Utilities and other City departments were prepared. 

The City of Seattle provided South Park with temporary flood protections. Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), in partnership with Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Finance and Administrative Services (FAS): 

  • placed large concrete blocks, Jersey barriers and/or sandbags on public property to reduce Duwamish River flooding  
  • provided sandbags to residents and businesses 
  • designed pump and bypass systems to pump water back into the river from selected locations if necessary 

An estimated 90,000 sandbags and barriers totaling 1.4 miles were placed throughout South Park to minimize any flooding impacts associated with today’s king tide.  

SPU had about two dozen operational and support staff in South Park to monitor and respond if needed. 

We continue to support South Park residents impacted by December’s king tide related flooding with housing, meals, cleanup, hazardous materials testing, and claims assistance. Housing assistance has been extended through February 28, and the City is working with impacted residents to understand their unique needs.