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Ask Evelyn’s Recycling Madness Recap

Your guide to recycling all the items discussed in the Ask Evelyn Live Recycle Madness campaign

After an entire month of Recycle Madness, Ask Evelyn Live’s campaign pitting the most confusing recyclable items against each other, we hope that Seattle residents have a little more confidence in their recycling abilities. Our hosts, Becca, Pat, and Jemini were able to breakdown how to recycle each of the 32 items in our bracket. Some items were simpler than others (we are looking at you string lights!). In the end, it all came down the plastic mailer envelope, our winner for most maddening item to recycle in Seattle for 2022. We all get them delivered to our homes, but as it turns out, there are quite a few folks in the area that aren’t sure what to do with this confusing item. – Quick answer – Drop it off with other plastic bags and film at a participating retailer. 

We love that Seattleites care so much about making the most of their discarded materials ensure they are recycled if possible. When you recycle right, you’re being considerate of our environment as well as SPU staff’s time and safety. Thanks for playing Recycle Madness and be sure to turn into future episodes of Ask Evelyn Live, every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. via SPU’s Instagram Live. If you missed an episode or want to check out previous topics, visit SPU’s YouTube channel where we have all episodes available to watch.

And remember, when in doubt, find out using SPU’s Where Does It Go tool!

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