SPU Drinking Fountain Map

The Pacific Northwest is expecting record temperatures this weekend across the region.  As a reminder, all of Seattle Public Utilities’ 23 drinking water fountains across the city are working, and we recently replaced several drinking water fountains in an effort to expand access to fresh, potable water.  

Check out the map below to see where you can get a drink of clean, safe, great-tasting drinking water in your neighborhood!  

Seattle Public Utilities 23 drinking fountain locations are:
201 South Main Street
1498 Queen Anne Ave North
501 Olive Way
1398 3rd Ave
100 Pike Street
1520 Pike Place
898 3rd Ave
398 Occidental Ave South
4598 California Ave SW
4400 Rainier Ave S
3798 S. Edmunds Street
3800 S. Ferdinand Street
5098 Rainier Ave S
3798 S. Hudson Street
298 James Street
6501 California Ave SW
398 12th Ave South
8421 Greenwood Avenue
6049 Seaview Ave
201 Occidental Ave South
1529 3rd Ave
2510 15th Ave South
200 Columbia Street

Ways to Stay cool 

The City of Seattle has compiled a list of resources for staying cool this weekend. These locations include libraries, senior centers, and community centers equipped with air conditioning, as well as pools and water areas. Find a location in your neighborhood.