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Important Service Updates Due to Forecasted Extreme Heat

Seattle’s North & South Transfer Stations will close at 2 pm on Sunday (6/27/21) and Monday (6/28/21) to self-haul customers. This is in an effort to protect SPU staff and our customers from heat related illnesses while continuing to wear masks per CDC guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to reduce fire-related risks at the stations, we are asking customers to not bring any of the following items to the transfer stations: 

  • Coals from fires or barbeques, unless FULLY COOLED 
  • Fireworks and related parts 
  • Lithium batteries 
  • Fuel canisters or any items containing gasoline 
  • Lawn mowers and other power equipment must be drained of fuel and oil 

Our contractors are also taking precautions in regard to the heat warning. We are asking our Monday (6/28/21) customers to set out their garbage, compost, & recycling by 6am for collection that day. This will allow drivers to finish routes earlier, as temperatures climb to extremes levels late in the day.  

Contractors will dispatch support trucks for any customers that may have been missed due to this schedule change. Collections should take place later the same day, Monday.   

Stay up to date with station hours and collection services by visiting our website and following us on Twitter. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  For additional resources & safety tips during extreme heat, visit King County’s Emergency News and to find a available SPU public drinking fountains check out our helpful map. Stay safe!