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Rake Your Leaves to Prevent Flooding

Rake leaves from drains to prevent flooding and set out for FREE extra yard waste collection during November.

Fallen leaves can block storm drains and lead to ponding and localized flooding in your neighborhood. You can help prevent this by raking and composting leaves. Follow these tips leaf-raking tips:

• Avoid raked leaves near the street where they can wash or get blown into nearby storm drains. Instead, collect them in your yard waste bin or kraft paper yard waste bag.

• Watch for traffic when clearing drains. Work from the curb, not in the street, and make sure an adult supervises any children who want to help out

• Raking not doing the trick? Report clogged drains and flooding to SPU at 206-386-1800.

FREE extra yard waste in November
SPU is providing free extra yard waste from November 1-30, 2018. Extra yard waste must be in paper bags (up to 60 pounds), or placed in an extra container that contains only yard waste. SPU will accept up to 10 bags of extra yard waste total (for the month) per household.

Please note: free extra yard waste collection only applies to SPU customers who pay for regular food and yard waste collection.