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Seattle Public Utilities Rescues Goldfish

Two little fish safely relocated after being retrieved from storm drain

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) successfully rescued a pair of goldfish today who have been living in a storm water catch basin near Stevens Elementary on Capitol Hill.

SPU first learned of the goldfish from the Capitol Hill Seattle blog, which reported that the fish had become a “curious kind of campus mascot,” and several community members who reached out to inquire about the possibility of a rescue operation.

While SPU was glad to see the fish faring well in the catch basin, it was necessary to relocate them as soon as possible. “When fall rains come, these goldfish would likely be washed away into Lake Washington and may not survive the trip down the pipes,” says SPU Senior Environmental Compliance Inspector Eric Autry. “Believe it or not, goldfish are an invasive species, he continued, “and we want to prevent the introduction of invasive species into our local water bodies. Plus, we could use some company around the office.”

The goldfish, which SPU Environmental Compliance staff have named Fish and Chip, were transported to SPU’s Ballard Operations Building this morning, where they are now getting acclimated to their new, safe, clean, and loving home.

While SPU does not cannot confirm this, it is likely the goldfish were dumped in the catch basin by an owner who could no longer care for them. The U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife offers advice on how to properly “break up with your goldfish” at

School children look on as the first goldfish is lifted from the drain.


SPU Environmental Compliance Inspector Eric Autry with Fish and Chip in their new home.