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SPU Proposes to Update Drainage and Wastewater Core Taps Charges

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) plans to update its charges for drainage and wastewater core taps on January 1, 2019. The drainage and wastewater core tap and core tap inspection charges were last updated over 14 years ago. SPU has reviewed and adjusted these charges to reflect the actual costs for SPU to provide these services in 2019. The review of core taps charges resulted in a simplified charge structure based only on the size of the tap.

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In limited cases, contractors are required to provide all materials for core taps performed by SPU staff. In these cases, standard charges will be reduced by $140 for each 6” core tap and $200 for each 8” – 10” core tap.

SPU is in the process of updating its charges for development-related services. The core taps updates include a portion of SPU’s development-related charges. Future charge updates will be reviewed on a recurring schedule.

To update the core taps charges, SPU must revise a director’s rule. The public can comment on the rule beginning in November.

To learn more about the charge update, visit the Rules and Policies website in early November.

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