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2023 Holiday Tips from SPU

Pumpkin Spice Lattes, step aside. Late November and December usher in all kinds of other seasonal drinks and foods (Latkes! Tamales! Lumpia! Turkey!) and treasured opportunities to gather with friends and family. 

As your public utility, we’re hoping you’ll make water and waste stewardship part of your 2023 year-end celebrations. To help, here are six tips: 

  1. Provide training for your out-of-town guests. Actually—that probably isn’t a good idea! But please do ask your guests to implement water saving tips (everyone loves a short shower!) and properly sort recycling and food waste. It will help our water supply and landfills!  
  1. Remind people that holiday cheer and clogged pipes are not friends. Properly dispose of your used cooking oil and grease to prevent these unwanted house guests.   
  1. Use “drink markers” during events! Help friends and family keep track of their water glass or coffee cup. This saves water. Markers don’t need to be purchased; repurpose existing items like rubber bands, produce twist ties, and newspapers. 
  1. Have guests RSVP! Meal planning, even for large community events, can reduce food waste.  Ask guests to indicate if they are bringing items to share.  
  1. Freeze your extra food promptly! If you end up with extras, package it up in meal size portions, and freeze it for use in a few weeks! 
  1.  Decorate your home with leaves. We don’t recommend using ones from your safely cleared catch basins. Put those leaves in your yard waste cart or out with your free extras in November.  

Joking aside, waste and water stewardship matter. At Seattle Public Utilities, we work 24/7 to support your essential services, and we’re grateful for your help to reduce water use, prevent sewer backups, reduce flooding, and stop food waste, especially during the holidays. If you’re interested in learning more about why your stewardship matters and getting more implementation tips, please check our website: 

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