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SPU Celebrates Earth Month

There are many reasons to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day this year, 2022. For Seattle Public Utilities, we see this as a chance to honor the work we do every day to protect, promote, and preserve our natural resources as leaders in our field and innovators in green methods surrounding solid waste, drinking water, and drainage & wastewater services. At SPU, our COMMUNITY-centered, ONE Water, ZERO Waste Vision are everyday investments in our planet. 

We value protecting water sources, increasing integrated and equitable investments in water management and systems, and reducing Seattle’s waste and carbon pollution by helping transform our economy. 

We are committed to understanding and preparing for the impacts that climate change will have on the infrastructure we manage and the essential services we provide and to reducing our contribution. We do this by:

  • Assessing potential impacts to our water supply, drainage and wastewater systems, and tidally-influenced infrastructure and integrating this information into our decision-making.
  • Collaborating with the science community and water utilities locally, nationally and internationally to enhance our knowledge of potential climate change impacts and our capacity to prepare.
  • Engaging in federal initiatives, including the National Climate Assessment, and other water sector and climate research collaborative efforts.
  • Calculating and verifying the amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gases we emit.

Follow along as we share how SPU makes everyday investments in our planet 

You can help too! When we all work to maintain a healthy environment, we all benefit. By reducing your waste at home and work, preventing pollution, and properly managing your cooking fats, oils, and grease. Also learn about conserving water, sustainable landscaping, and getting guidance for your business to save money and the environment.