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SPU Who: Get to know the people behind your utility

 This Week’s Profile: Logan Lexow 

Meet Logan Lexow. Logan has been with SPU for four years, as a Lead worker in the Drainage and Wastewater line of business.  

Photo Logan in motorcycle gear

Logan was working on motorcycles when a friend who worked at SPU encouraged him to consider applying to one of SPU’s apprenticeship programs. “I was at my peak working on motorcycles,” says Logan, “and thought it would be a rad opportunity to work for the City. I went through the Drainage and Wastewater Apprenticeship which set me up for making Lead.” 

Camping while out on his bike, Logan finds ways to combine two of his favorite activities.

From motorbikes to drainage pipes, when it comes to this self-described “funny guy,” Logan’s life has been anything but on cruise control.  

Logan, or Logibear to his friends, grew up in Vancouver, Washington, and it’s still one of his favorite places to visit. In his younger days, he took some time to experience parts of the country beyond the Pacific Northwest, including Columbus, Ohio for short time. “I wanted to see the country and make a name for myself, so, I grabbed a backpack full of clothes and hopped on a plane. I was only there for two years but it was fun,” says Logan.  

Logan’s adventurous spirit undoubtedly carries over into his hobbies, which include camping and, you guessed it, riding motorcycles. “I’m pretty sure I have motor oil and gasoline in my DNA!” he says.

“The sense of freedom and independence one feels when riding a motorcycle is on a different level. Riding Highway 20 through the Cascades is jaw dropping.” 

A photo from Logan’s most recent ride in Oregon

He’s even helping his kids learn to ride, hoping they share the same excitement for exploring new places and the world around them. When asked about his family, he says, “I am married to the most beautiful woman on the planet and have four pretty rad kids between the two of us. I thank the universe every single day for how lucky I am.” 

Photo of Logan and his wife, Tiah
Logan spending some time with his wife, Tiah

When it comes to his work with SPU, Logan shares, “My favorite part of my position is the amount of people and groups I get to interact with.” Always up for a challenge, his current position keeps him on his toes. “I recently had the opportunity to help plan a project that had never been done before. So many challenges were put upon me, things I had to learn about and research. It was amazing.”

“The challenges and the wonderful people within SPU are my favorite part of working for the Utility.”

Logan credits his coworkers and leadership for the positive influences they’ve had on him and his work. “I take great pride knowing all of these folks have had an impact in my career.”  

Great colleagues and new challenges are certainly highlights of his job, but for Logan, it’s ultimately about helping people and being part of positive solutions. For example, he recalls a recent project. “There is a wonderful woman who is older and lives alone that called and asked for help with a drainage pipe in her driveway. This pipe is old and doesn’t work well. I brought the failing pipe to the attention of SPU’s engineers, asking if we could fix this pipe. It turns out that SPU is going to replace the system.”, he says. “I helped get this started!”  

Our thanks to Logan for taking the time to email with us for this round of SPU Who?.