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America Recycles Day, 2020

Alright Seattle, it’s time to take your love of recycling to the next level. Starting on Sunday, November 15th, join us to celebrate America Recycles Day, which we’re extending to a whole week of fun! We’ll be bringing you daily insights on all things recycling, including tips and tricks to help make sorting a little easier.

We’re teaming up with Waste Management and Recology King County to make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep recycling strong. Follow us to see what we’re dubbing #SeattleRecyclesWeek and our daily themes of all the ways to up your recycle game.

Kick Off Sunday – For America Recycles Day, we’ll celebrate by showing you a little behind the scenes of where your recycling goes and how the system works.

Myth Busting Monday – We bust some common recycling myths that many people still believe.

Troublemaker Tuesday – We’ll focus on the biggest troublemakers in your recycling. We’ll show you the most common contaminants and where they should go. Hint, the answer is not in your recycling cart.

Recycle Right Wednesday – It’s the new mantra for quality recyclables; Empty, Clean and Dry – and we’ll tell you why.

Too Much Thursday – Have too much recycling? We’ll talk about how to deal with all that “extra” recycling you have, so your drivers can pick it up safely and it’s on its way to being recycled.

(Plastic) Film Friday – Plastic Film and plastic bags, are a HUGE problem in the recycling. They are hard to sort, get mixed into other materials, and are harder to recycle than other plastics. Find out what your options are for disposal and recycling.

Special Item Saturday – For all those items that need a little “special” attention to be recycled – because they can’t go in your home recycling carts and dumpsters – we will show you where they go and how to get them recycled

It takes all of us working together every day to keep recycling strong, so keep recycling right! We’re in this together, and we’re here to help! Send us your questions in our social feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or at