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FAQ: How do I discard bulky items like mattresses?

Answer: Request a bulky item pick up!

Bulky ItemWe all know moving can be a drag. After the physical and mental toll of packing and unpacking, no one has the energy to think of what to do with the items that didn’t make the cut. It’s tempting to leave discarded furniture, mattresses, and/or appliances at your collection point and forget about them, but don’t do that. Not only are improperly discarded bulky items an eyesore, they can pose a safety hazard too.

Instead, call SPU Customer Service at (206) 684-3000 to request a bulky item pick up. Then place your item outside by 7:00 AM the following day.  Make sure your item is on a flat, level surface on your property that is easily accessible from the street. The item will be collected within 5 business days (Monday through Friday only).

While unwanted bulky items usually show up during the moving process, the protocol above applies any time you need to dispose of bulky items.

For more details regarding bulky items including examples, restrictions, and fees please click here.

Photo courtesy of Alan Stanton via flickr