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Free Kitchen Compost Collectors

ecosafeSeattle Public Utilities is giving away kitchen compost containers for free all summer long.

Seattle residents that pledge to compost and recycle will receive a pail to help store and carry your leftover food scraps to your food and yard waste cart. Thes containers help keep your kitchen clean and makes composting easy!

Kitchen compost containers are availableĀ at the South Transfer Station, open Sunday through Saturday, 8 a.m to 8 p.m., or in limited supply at the following events:

SeaFair Milk Carton Derby 7/12/2014
Columbia City Farmers Market 7/16/2014
Bull Moose Festival 7/26/2014
Lake City Pioneer Days 8/2/2014
South Lake Union Block Party 8/8/2014
Lake City Farmers Market 8/14/2014
Delridge Days 8/16/2014
Central Area Community Festival 8/16/2014
Rainier Court Community Festival 8/23/2014
Broadway Farmers Market 8/31/2014
Columbia City Farmers Market 9/10/2014
Fiestas Patrias 9/13/2014

Last year, SeattleĀ diverted more than 125,000 tons of food and yard waste from the landfill by composting.