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Smart Watering Helps Plants and You

Did you know that lawns, trees, shrubs and perennials require different amounts of water at different times?

By knowing the differences between their root structures, you may be able to save money by knowing when and how much water to give your lawns, trees, shrubs, and perennials. When watering, the key is letting the water reach the roots.

Because lawn roots systems are shallower than trees, shrubs, and perennials, they require additional summer water to remain green. To save money, you may allow your lawn to go dormant during the summer; it will naturally turn green when cool weather returns.

Trees, shrubs, and perennials have deeper roots systems that allow them to tap water from the soil. More mature plants will not need too much extra watering, depending on the location and type of plant. However, plants between two or three years of age are still being established, and will need more water during the summer.

Knowing your plants, and when and how much water to give them, can contribute to a healthier and happier garden, and save you money.

For more information about watering your plants, see our Smart Watering Guide (pdf).

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