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When We Celebrate Earth Day Every Day, We All Win

There are many reasons to celebrate the 51st anniversary of Earth Day this year, 2021. For SPU, we see this as a chance to honor the work we do every day to protect, promote, and preserve our natural resources as leaders in our field and innovators in green methods surrounding solid waste, drinking water, and drainage & wastewater services. This year, SPU has created a fun and interactive way for our community to celebrate this occasion with a special Earth Day Bingo!  

All week long we invite you to join in by taking personal eco-centered actions that tie to our various lines of business at SPU. From conserving water, to recycling right, to preventing pollution in your neighborhood, you’ll be doing your part to help. You can share your progress as your cover your board on social media tagging SPU and using the hashtag #SeattleEarthDayBingo.

How to Play SPU’s Earth Day Bingo   

  • Learn and Play! Each square on our Earth Day Bingo board ties to a specific action. You can learn more about each of these actions on our clickable PDF here
  • Get a Bingo, Win a Prize! If you’re able to do all the items in a straight line, you can claim a free digital Chinook Book with coupons and discounts to sustainable area businesses. Click the link below and provide your email and you’ll be offered a promotional code for a FREE 1-year subscription for a Chinook Book App.

Everyday can be Earth Day thru personal choices and with a little help from each other. Enjoy the Bingo activities and celebrate the Earth by thinking globally and acting locally.