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20 Gallon Residential Solid Waste Bins Being Swapped Out

Former 20 Gallon Trash Bins will be Swapped Out for Wheeled Carts.

You may have noticed, there are some changes taking place with your curbside garbage bins. SPU’s contracted haulers, Waste Management & Recology are working to replace the 20-gallon trash bins with new wheeled carts that include an insert. The new carts offer customers an easier ability to move them to and from the curb and are also safer for our haulers to collect from. Waste Management Customers had their bins swapped out in 2019 and Recology is currently swapping customers bins through the spring. New bins are being provided with no extra cost to customers or changes to their account.

The new wheeled carts will feature an insert that will limit the cart’s capacity to 20-gallons, the same as the bin that’s being replaced. These inserts should not be removed to allow for additional waste. If you have additional waste, set it out for an additional pick up (regular rates apply and can be found here).

On average, Americans generate 4.3 lbs of trash per day. That equals to 1,569.5 lbs per person per year. For some Seattle residents, they are doing what they can to reduce this amount, and part of that is committing to creating less solid waste. Not only can this lessen your carbon footprint, but it also can save you money as the 20-gallon carts are offered at a less expensive rate than the larger sizes.

If you do find that you are in need of a different cart size, please request one here or by calling 206-684-3000. If your old 20-gallon bin was left behind after you got a new wheeled cart, please contact us at 206-684-3000 or

And if you’re wondering what’s happening to the old bins, they are being recycled to make new bins, carts, beverage trays as well as other durable items. #ReduceReuseRecycle