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Pledge to Protect Seattle’s Waterways (and get free Chinook Book coupons!)

Oil Storm DrainDid you know that most of the storm drains in Seattle empty directly into the nearest body of water?  That means when it rains, anything we’ve left on the ground—drips from auto leaks, yard chemicals, pet poop—makes its way to local waters like Lake Washington and Lake Union, and eventually into Puget Sound.

The bad news: Toxic materials that drain into our local waters have harmful effects on our environment and can hurt the health of fish, wildlife, and people.

The good news: you can help! By pledging to do things like taking your car to a commercial carwash, picking up after your pets, and vehicle leaks, you can help reduce the amount of pollutants that drain into Seattle’s waterways.

Click here to join the pledge to protect Seattle’s waterways.

Bonus: For taking the pledge, you’ll receive a FREE Chinook Book mobile coupon access code!*

*Please also note, in order to use a Chinook Book mobile coupon access code you must have a smartphone that meets the following requirements (iOS 7.0 and higher or Android 4.0 and higher). A Chinook Book mobile coupon access code gives you 12 months of access through your smartphone to over 500 coupons redeemable at environmentally-friendly businesses throughout the Puget Sound region. Don’t have a smartphone? A paper coupon is available.