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Moving and getting rid of bulky items? Don’t dump illegally!


As the summer months approach and the moving season picks up, Seattle begins to see a number of old couches and mattresses thrown out onto the sidewalks. Some of these get picked up by new owners and some are forgotten and left behind. The result of this is a lot of discarded items left in Seattle’s alleys, streets, and sidewalks.

What could you do to help be a steward of your community? Instead of leaving furniture out on the street, consider using Craigslist, donating to an organization like Goodwill or subscribing to your local Buy Nothing neighborhood via social media networks to exchange gently used furniture with your community.

If your bulky items are no longer in good condition, consider dropping it off at the South Transfer Station or save yourself a trip and have Seattle Public Utilities pick it up for you.

Learn more about what to do with extra garbage, bulky items and appliances on Seattle Public Utilities’ website.