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Why Compost?

13-galCedarGrove_FBSeattle’s compost requirement is fast approaching and many are becoming overwhelmed by the new change. But why make the change?

Food waste weighs nearly 45,000 tons and it makes up one third of the garbage in Seattle. This waste creates a powerful greenhouse gas named methane that affects our climate. As an alternative the city of Seattle has determined that this waste should be collected and turned into compost.

Though composting at a glance seems tiny it delivers many added benefits. It provides nutrition to the soil which in turn gives us green and healthy plants and gardens. Soil that is rich in compost can also easily absorb the pollutants in rain run-off, which prevents it from entering our streams, lakes, and rivers.

Composting looks tiny but it creates big changes. With this new requirement all of Seattle is making a difference. Get started today.