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Tips for Preventing Local Flooding

floodingWith rain forecast in Seattle for the weekend, here are four tips to help you prevent localized flooding in your neighborhood:

Rake a drain. One of the best ways to protect your property is keeping storm drains clear of leaves and other debris. Completely remove them so they won’t cause problems during the next storm.

Maintain gutters and downspouts. Clean roof gutters and downspouts twice a year. Direct flows away from your home, without discharging them to adjacent properties.

Maintain drainage systems. Don’t put grass clippings, leaves or other debris into the drains, ditches, creeks, culverts, gutters or ravines. (In fact, it’s against the law).

Inspect your roof. Inspect for roof leaks or damage to rain gutters that could cause a flat roof to flood.

If you see ponding problems showing up on streets, or if you experience backups into your house (when you’re not using water), please contact Seattle Public Utilities at 206-386-1800 immediately to report the problem.

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