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Composting Discount Ends 6/30

$1.00 OFF Coupon for GLAD® Compostable Bags

Do you recycle your food scraps? Compostable bags are a great way to store and transport them before putting them in your food and yard waste cart.

To encourage you to keep recycling, we are offering discounts on GLAD® compostable bags. The bags are a vegetable-based material that’s 100% biodegradable and Cedar Grove-approved, so they turn into compost along with your food and yard waste.

Don’t recycle your food scraps?

Give it a try! Did you know that food scraps used to make up nearly 30 percent of Seattle’s garbage going to the landfill? But thanks to more people composting, that number is going down. Using a durable container with a snug lid combined with a compostable bag will keep odors away.

Glad compostable bags are available at QFC, Walmart and Target. Click here to view and print your coupon. The online coupon expires June 30.