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Some areas of Seattle received more than 4 inches of rain during 24-hour period

A detailed analysis of the intense Pineapple Express rainstorm that hit Seattle over the weekend shows that most of Seattle received 3 to 4 inches of precipitation, with some areas receiving more.

“This was a very significant event,” said James Rufo-Hill, a meteorologist for Seattle Public Utilities, who worked on the analysis.

The map-based analysis, based on data from 22 local rain gauges, shows that at several locations—including West Seattle, Green Lake, and South Park—the amount of rain that fell was close to that of a historical 100-year event.

For much of the rest of the city, it was a 20- to 30-year storm.

The map of the rain event indicates from rain gauge data shows that:

  • Generally, South Seattle received more precipitation than North Seattle.
  • The most rain fell on West Seattle, which received over 4 inches in at least one location.