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Puget Sound-Friendly Fundraising

What’s up: Every year school groups and other organizations use charitable car washes to raise money.

Why you care: Soap, automotive fluids, and roadway dirt from washing cars go straight into nearby storm drains that lead directly to lakes, streams, and Puget Sound. This harms fish and wildlife.

What you can do: We are asking that you make the most salmon-friendly decisions when planning your fundraiser. The best choice for fundraising is to sell tickets from your local commercial car washes — you buy them at a discounted price, sell them at a profit, and keep the difference for your selected charity! Commercial car washes reuse water several times before sending it to the sewer system for treatment, conserving water AND preventing pollutants from reaching our waterways. Contact one of the following to get started today!

Brown Bear Car Wash,  

Puget Sound Car Wash Association,