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Enjoy a Beautiful Garden While Saving Water, Time & Money

When you visit nurseries this spring, plan ahead for water conservation and make your plant budget go further.

When you select plants based on how they match the sun or shade in your garden, then they’ll flourish naturally without excessive water or chemicals. This spring, Seattle Public Utilities and the Saving Water Partnership will have signs at Swansons Nursery, Sky Nursery and Molbak’s to remind you to look at plant labels and match the right plant with the right place. Pick up our factsheets in the displays and ask for nursery staff’s expert advice.

Whether new plants are part of your plan or not, layer 2-3 inches of compost, leaves or arborist woodchips on your soil before summer arrives. Your soil will stay moist longer, which means you’ll spend less time and money on watering. Plus, you’ll likely have fewer weeds and they’ll be easier to pull out.

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