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Whether you’re starting your first garden or remodeling your tenth, the Savvy Gardener E-News will bring you information on how to create a garden that flourishes with little water and exemplifies natural gardening practices. Receive seasonal advice from experts, news about discounted products, spring and fall class announcements and resources… [ Keep reading ]

Beautiful Gardens with Less Water and Chemicals

Build healthy soil to create a healthy, easier-to-care-for garden that needs less water and chemicals. Adding compost and using mulch helps the soil hold water and nutrients, and helps plants grow deep roots, resist diseases, and look good year-round. Explore our Growing Healthy Soil (pdf) guide.  You’ll learn how to:… [ Keep reading ]

“How to Recycle” Flyers Available in Multiple Languages

Seattle Public Utilities has a convenient flyer for your refrigerator that gives guidelines on what goes in your recycling, food and yard waste, and garbage. The Where Does It Go? flyer is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese and 11 other languages. Check them out today and improve your recycling… [ Keep reading ]

Grasscycle Next Time You Mow

Grasscycling, or mulch-mowing, means leaving the clippings on the lawn to feed the soil. You’ll save time – no more bagging clippings and dragging them to the curb! It also reduces waste, reduces irrigation and fertilizer needs, and makes lawns greener and healthier. Scientific trials and turf professionals have shown… [ Keep reading ]

Discover the Cedar River Watershed Institute

Seattle Public Utilities invites you to join our workshops, field trips and festivals happening this year at the 91,000-acre Cedar River Municipal Watershed, which provides clean drinking water to 1.4 million people in the greater Seattle area. Explore environments near the timberline with an ecologist or discover the wonders of… [ Keep reading ]

Enjoy a Beautiful Garden While Saving Water, Time & Money

When you visit nurseries this spring, plan ahead for water conservation and make your plant budget go further. When you select plants based on how they match the sun or shade in your garden, then they’ll flourish naturally without excessive water or chemicals. This spring, Seattle Public Utilities and the… [ Keep reading ]

Discounted Compost Bins Available

Composting at home is a great way to build healthy soil in your garden. City of Seattle residents can purchase compost bins at deeply discounted prices either online at or by calling (206) 684-0190. We have two composting options: Yard waste compost bins: $25 each, one per household. For… [ Keep reading ]

Complete Our Survey and Win!

You can win one of six $20 gift certificates from Sky Nursery, Swanson’s Nursery or Molbak’s Garden & Home just by completing our survey by Friday March 12. Seattle Public Utilities and the Saving Water Partnership are making improvements to the Saving Water Partnership web site,, and need your… [ Keep reading ]

Save Dollars and Puget Sound

Thank you for properly maintaining your automobile! You’re helping to keep oil and other automotive fluids from finding their way to Puget Sound and other waterways, which hurts wildlife and habitat. To help you continue to stop drips, leaks, and follow healthy maintenance habits like recycling your oil, we are… [ Keep reading ]

Spring Clean Your Neighborhood

Spring is here and so is your chance to beautify your neighborhood. Now in its 24th year, Spring Clean is Seattle’s premier public space cleanup program. This year’s Spring Clean runs from Thursday, April 1 to Monday, May 31. Projects include litter pickups, removal of invasive plants such as English… [ Keep reading ]