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Winter Weather Impacts for Solid Waste Collection Services – Week of 12/27/21 (Updated for collections 12/31/21)

Due to remaining icy and unsafe conditions on many residential streets, residential garbage, recycling, or food/yard waste pickup are canceled for Friday, December 31. Transfer stations and the Household Hazardous Waste Facility will remain open with normal hours. 

All collections are scheduled to resume next week starting Monday, Jan 3. All missed residential customers are permitted to set out double their normal amount of garbage, recycling, and compost on their collection day for no additional charge. This includes recycling collection, even if it’s not your typical week for collection. Contractors will attempt to collect this ‘off-week’ recycling, if possible, but may not be able to collect all. 

If you are setting out extra next week, here are a few tips:

  • Extra garbage can be set out in bags or a personal can.
  • Extra recycling can go out in a cardboard box or paper bag.
  • Extra compost shouldn’t contain food and can go in a personal can or paper bag.
  • See more details on our website.

Customers whose recycling was not picked up this week due to unsafe conditions created by snow and ice should set out their recycling carts (along with garbage and food/yard waste carts) on their next collection day, even though it is not their scheduled week for recycling pickup. 

Our Solid Waste contractors will make every attempt to pick up recycling next week but this requires servicing an additional set of routes they are normally not equipped to cover, in addition to collecting double volumes on regular routes, during the recovery week.

If a customer’s recycling is not collected next week, they can set out extra recycling, at no additional cost, on their next scheduled recycling pickup day.

And a friendly reminder for customers-don’t forget to break down those holiday boxes before putting them in the recycling cart.

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In the event of snow and/or ice, City emergency planners urge residents to prepare their homes for cold weather, build emergency supply kits for homes and vehicles, and not to drive unnecessarily. Additionally, for up-to-date information pertaining to impacts in the City of Seattle, please sign up for alerts at