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Have a “Where Does it Go?” Question? Ask Evelyn!

Do you have questions about recycling, garbage, or compost? Ask Evelyn has answers! Each week, Seattle Public Utilities’ solid waste experts Becca Fong and Pat Kaufman host an Instagram Live conversation to talk trash and answer your most pressing “where does it go?” questions.

Here are a few of their top Q & A’s:

Q: I have extra recycling that won’t fit in my bin. What should I do with it?
A: Putting out extra recycling is free and easy! Simply put your extras in a cardboard box or paper bag next to your recycling cart. Just be sure to limit it to 1 extra “unit” (no bigger than your recycling cart) of recycling per collection day.

Q: My takeout container says “made from trees” on it. Can I put it in the compost?
A: Does it say “compostable” on it? If yes, it can go in the compost. If not, make sure it’s clean, dry, and empty and put it in the recycling. Can’t clean it? Toss it in the trash.

Q: Can I compost my dog’s poop?
A: Nope! Here’s why: pet waste may contain bacteria and micro-organisms like Roundworm, E. coli, and Giardia. Our compost facilities are not set up to deal with disease-causing organisms, so put the poo in the garbage!

Q: What should I do with expired medications and empty prescription bottles?
A: Find a place to safely dispose of medications at Empty prescription bottles should always go in the garbage, but other empty pill bottles like the ones that hold aspirin or vitamins can go in the recycling.

Q: Are flushable wipes really flushable?
A: Yikes, no! Even if they say “flushable” on the package, wipes can clog pipes. All wipes should go in the garbage.

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