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Imagine A Day Without Water

Did you know that they average person uses an estimated 80-100 gallons of water per day? That’s about the same as one standard bathtub filled to the top! SPU customers have access to some of the country’s cleanest, best tasting water and it all starts high in the Cascade Mountains. With just the turn of a tap, forest fresh water flows through your faucet. It can be easy to take such a pristine resource for granted.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if one day, that water wasn’t there?

To help highlight the value of water, SPU will be joining many other utilities across the country in the upcoming national campaign, Imagine A Day Without Water, taking place later, this October 21.

Image text: "Fill in the blank...No Water = No _______(blank)"

At SPU, we work around the clock to ensure continued access to this essential resource, our drinking water. Our work can include planned maintenance, emergency repairs, diligent monitoring, and carefully evaluated investments in future infrastructure projects. Every time you turn on the tap, flush a toilet, take a shower, or do a load of laundry and water is available, that’s your utility hard at work.

This October 21st, SPU will be participating in the 6th annual nationwide education campaign, Imagine A Day Without Water, to raise awareness and inform the public about the value of water.

In an effort to help share this message, we need your help! We’re asking for submissions on social media to showcase what Imagine A Day Without Water would mean to you. Participants will receive a free Chinook Book app and have access to discounts on over 200 offers towards sustainable goods and services in the Seattle area.

To Participate:

  • Share a photo or video in theme with Imagine A Day Without Water (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram)
  • Tag SPU in your post & use #ValueWater so we can find it
  • Share your post between Oct 7-21, 2020

All ages and skill levels are encouraged to participate. So breakout the watercolors, take a few pictures the next time you’re kayaking, or find a friendly animal sidekick who likes water and help us celebrate why water is so valuable to us all!