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Back to School Resources for Digital Learning

While the 2020-2021 school schedule might look a little different from previous years, SPU has a resource that’s available no matter how or where you’re having class. Students are invited to visit our online learning portal to find a wealth of resources suitable for all ages that can be accessed safely and easily from the comfort of their homes.

The Cedar River Watershed

The staff at the Cedar River Watershed have been working to translate many of the in-person education resources into online experiences. These resources include:

  • Take a Virtual Field Trip to the Cedar River Watershed
    Even though we can’t view this incredible natural resource in person at the moment, everyone can still experience the Cedar River Watershed. Take a virtual field trip and find out more about the water cycle, watersheds, and the Seattle area’s mountain-fresh water supply.
  • Visit the Cedar River Education Center
    The watershed’s Education Center has many interesting facets to explore. Take in the sights and sounds of award-winning artist, Dan Corson’s, Rain Drum Courtyard. While you’re there, virtual visitors can also take a tour of the Education Center as well as partake in views of Rattlesnake Lake & Ledge, and learn more about Green Roofs, a feature of the Cedar River Watershed Education Center as well as many Seattle Public Libraries.
  • Explore Seattle’s Water System
    Have you ever wondered how Seattle’s pristine mountain fed water goes from forest to your faucet? If you have, this is for you! Learn more about how our water system works, the water cycle, as well as the history of Seattle’s water system.
  • Find Out How You Can Help Take Care of Your Water
    Find out how the sources of Seattle’s water, the Cedar and Tolt Municipal Watersheds, are managed now and for the future.
  • Water Use and the Environment
    Learn how water use is connected to environmental health. Explore ways to save water and money.
  • Who Lived Here?
    Learn how the watersheds featured in the histories of native peoples and others over time.

Water is essential to our lives and plays a large role in shaping our communities. In learning more about the source of our water, the water cycle, and its impacts our environment, we hope it will lead the next generation in fully appreciating this ecological wonder and inspire them to continue to care for and protect it. With careful stewardship, many generations from now will have the same opportunity to share in this incredible resource.