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Ask Evelyn Q & A – What to do with Worn Linens & Pillows

Since the 90’s, Ask Evelyn has been answering Seattleites’ questions regarding garbage, compost, and recycling. Not sure where it goes? Ask Evelyn!

Dear Evelyn, 
I’ve been cleaning out my closet and have a pile of stuff to get rid of that I don’t think is in good enough condition for donation – a set of worn bed sheets, some torn clothes, mismatched socks, and a few old pillows.  What are my options? 
– Xavier

Hi Xavier,
With the exception of the pillow, it looks like you have the perfect pile to donate to Threadcycle, a program that recycles textiles through a partnership with a variety of thrift stores in our area. As long as your stuff is not wet, moldy, or stained with chemicals, you can drop it off all (except the pillow – that has to go in the garbage) at a donation center of a Threadcycle partner (Goodwill, Northwest Center, Salvation Army and more.) for free.   
And if you have clothing that still has life left, but you don’t want to make a separate trip, you can put them in the pile too. You don’t have to separate clothing in good condition from worn out clothes! They will separate it out and determine what times can be sold at their store, which one will be sold into another textile market, or recycled into rags, insulation or stuffing. 
Thanks for your question!
– Evelyn

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