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Ask Evelyn is Helping You Answer the Question, “Where Does It Go?”

If you lived in Seattle in the mid 90’s, chances are, you may remember Ask Evelyn. It was Seattle Public Utilities’ outreach initiative to answer mail-in questions from our customers related to garbage and recycling.

Since then, Ask Evelyn has been utilized mostly via email. But like many of our favorite things from the 90’s (fanny packs, caboodles, & combat boots), Evelyn is back! With the need to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (April 22, 2020), and a little extra time at home, SPU’s team decided it was time to dust off those red gloves and jaunty hat of hers and bring Ask Evelyn to a the people in a new way.

All April long, Becca Fong, Residential Solid Waste Outreach Planner with SPU, along with her colleague Pat Kaufman, Commercial Recycling & Composting Program Manager with SPU, took to Instagram Live to answer questions submitted to the email and via social media. Every week, they offer both thoughtful & practical advice when it comes to the age old question we all have from time to time, “where does it go?”.

From questions about recycling items made of mixed materials, to plastic bags & film, to composting quandaries, to offering helpful links and resources to SPU and partner services, Becca and Pat are here to help you recycle right.

With still more questions left to answer, Ask Evelyn will continue to broadcast on SPU’s Instagram account streaming live every Wednesday beginning at 11:30a. If you miss the live stream, episodes will be saved and uploaded to SPU’s Instagram and Facebook pages as well as SPU’s YouTube channel to the Ask Evelyn playlist.

If you have a question for Ask Evelyn, we want to hear it! Submit your questions via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Or email them to AskEvelyn@Seattle.Gov.

We’ll see you on the next Ask Evelyn Live on our Instagram Wednesdays at 11:30a PST!