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This Holiday Season, Keep Oil and Grease out of Your Pipes

If one of your first thoughts when the holidays arrive is, “Time to eat!” you’re not alone. Many of our holiday celebrations are centered around big meals with family and friends. That means a lot of cooking and baking—gravy, buttery rolls, creamy frostings, deep fried turkeys, and so many other delicious treats. Unfortunately, all this cooking uses a lot of oil and grease. Even small amounts of oil and grease can build up in your pipes and cause blockages and costly backups—the last thing you want to deal with during the holidays!

The good news is you can prevent your pipes from getting clogged by learning how to properly dispose of oil and grease:

How To Dispose of Cooking Oil

Protect Your Pipes: How to Dispose of Cooking Oil

In Seattle, you can place used cooking oil out for recycling! Just follow these steps:

  • Let the cooking oil to cool
  • Pour it into a plastic jug and close the lid tightly
  • Set it out next to your recycling cart on your next collection day

How to Dispose of Grease

Protect Your Pipes: How to Dispose of Grease

If there is just a little bit of grease left over, use a paper towel or a scraper to wipe it into your kitchen compost.

If there is a large amount of grease left over, cool it, scrape it into a container, put a lid on it, and toss it in the garbage.
Pro tip: If you know you’ll have more leftover grease in the near future, keep a grease container in your freezer, add to it until it’s nearly full, then toss it in the garbage.