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Top Takeaways From the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Seattle has some of the best water in the nation—water that is fresh, safe and tastes great. Each year we send a Drinking Water Quality Report to every residential mailing address in Seattle, so that you can learn what makes our city’s water so great.

As always, this year’s report contains water quality testing results, plus information on where Seattle’s drinking water comes from, our water system, and what we do to manage and protect the water you use every day. This year’s report also contains information on the history of Seattle’s public water system, what we’re doing to make our water system resilient in the face of future challenges like climate change, an invitation (and coupon!) to visit the beautiful Cedar River Watershed, and more!

We hope the report helps answer questions you may have about the quality of your drinking water, and helps you better understand the care and commitment that goes into delivering some of the best water in the nation. Take a look when it arrives in your mailbox (by July 1) or view it online now.

No time to read the whole thing? Check out our top takeaways from the 2018 Drinking Water Quality Report below: