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Celebrate Earth Week 2018

Earth day is Sunday, April 22, 2018 which means this week is Earth Week 2018! We’ve rounded up some Earth-friendly events for you to join and actions you can take to celebrate this amazing place we call home.




Where Does It Go?

Seattle Public Utilities, Waste Management, and Recology Cleanscapes, will be tabling at several grocery stores to give away free goodies like compost bins and stickers! Waste prevention experts will also be there to answer any of your recycling and compost questions.

  • April 17, 2018
    Bitter Lake Grocery Outlet (13201 Aurora Ave N)
  • April 18, 2018
    Uwajimaya (600 5th Ave S) and
    Lake City Grocery Outlet (3020 NE 127th St)
  • April 19, 2018
    West Seattle Trader Joe’s (4545 Fauntleroy Way SW) and
    Central District Grocery Outlet (1126 Martin Luther King Jr Way)

Protect Our Waters

Stormwater can carry polluted run-off like oil, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals from our roads and rooftops into Puget Sound. You can help reduce the amount of pollutants that drain into Seattle’s waterways by doing things like:

  • Garden without pesticides. Pesticides can wash off into streams, harming aquatic life, fish, and birds. Choose natural lawn and garden care methods instead.
  • Pick up pet poop. Left on streets, curb strips and in yards and parks, pet waste can be carried by rainwater to storm drains and into our waterways. Prevent this by remember to Scoop It, Bag It, and Trash It! Don’t put pet waste in the compost and remember to wash your hands.
  • Maintaining your car to prevent auto leaks. Attend a free Auto Leaks workshop to learn how to find and fix leaks and get a Vehicle Maintenance Check Kit.
  • Install a rain garden or cistern. Rain gardens and cisterns prevent flooding, add attractive landscaping, and can provide water for summer irrigation. Bonus: you could be eligible for a RainWise rebate.

Spring Clean Your Neighborhood

Spring Clean, a community cleanup program, runs from April 1 through May 31. During this time, Seattle residents — neighbors, volunteer groups, community organizations — come together to keep Seattle clean and vibrant. Activities include picking up litter, stenciling storm drains to prevent water pollution, painting out graffiti, and removing invasive plants. Seattle Public Utilities supports volunteers by providing free tools like garbage bags, safety vests, paint supplies, and waste disposal. Organize a clean up event in honor of Earth Day/Week/Month by signing up here.

Be Water-Wise

Using water wisely benefits people, salmon, and wildlife. Take these actions to use water efficiently from your home to your garden.

  • Learn how to fix leaks in and around your home with these step-by-step videos.
  • Get rebates for installing water-efficient toilets and sprinklers.
  • Attend a free gardening class on April 21 to learn how to grow a sustainable garden that uses less water and chemicals. Details and registration here.

Trees for Seattle Work Party

Roll up your sleeves to support Seattle’s urban forest. Volunteers planted western red cedars last year and now these trees need your care to grow tall and strong. Coffee, snacks, tools, and training will be provided.

  • April 22, 2018
    9:00 to 11:30 a.m.
    Details and registration here

Conserving water, preventing pollution, and recycling and composting help protect the health of our natural environment every day, not just on Earth Day or during Earth Week! Let this dedicated week inspire you to adopt actions to protect and preserve the environment that continue well beyond the month of April.