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New Year, New Resolutions

Ah, the beginning of a brand-new year. Hope and determination fill the crisp January air as people take pause from the (wonderfully) chaotic holidays to set new goals for the year ahead. Have you gotten started on resolutions for 2018, or are you more like Calvin (left photo)? Here are some ideas to help kick start your list, or to add to it.


Be prepared

Get #StormReady
Windstorms, heavy rain, snow, and ice are all possible during a Northwest winter. For tips, checklists, and more visit Take Winter By Storm.

Create an emergency plan
Hurricane Harvey, the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico, and widespread wild fires in California were some of the devastating events in 2017 that reminded us to be prepared for emergencies. Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management has a wide variety of resources including programs, videos, and classes to help you be ready. While you’re at it, sign up for the City of Seattle’s official emergency alert and notification system, AlertSeattle.

Connect with Seattle Public Utilities
You can also be prepared for smaller or non-emergencies. Here is a list of contact information for SPU-related issues you might encounter:

  • Missing garbage/recycling/compost bin, or a missed collection: 206-684-3000
  • Accounts (moving, billing, payments, etc.): 206-684-3000
  • Reporting graffiti, illegal dumping, needles, and pollution: 206-684-7587
  • Reporting flooding, sewer backups, hydrant leaks, hazardous spills: 206-386-1800
  • Report a (non-urgent) plugged storm drain here

Additionally, follow SPU on Twitter and Facebook to hear about awesome programs and events like neighborhood recycling events, gardening classes, and salmon run celebrations—to name a few.

Help the environment

Auto Leaks
Every year, oil and other automotive fluids find their way to Puget Sound and other waterways, hurting wildlife and habitat. Attend a FREE Auto Leaks workshop to get your car inspected, find and fix leaks, and get a free maintenance kit. Two classes are held every month at South Seattle College. Learn more here.

Saving Water Partnership
Using water wisely helps ensure a safe, reliable source of water for generations of people and wildlife to come. The Saving Water Partnership can help you find and fix leaks around your home, get rebates for efficient toilets and sprinkler timers, and sponsors free classes to help you keep your lawn and garden thriving.

If downsizing your closet is on your resolution checklist, remember to save your old, worn, or stained clothing, shoes, and linens from the landfill. Many local organizations want to reuse and recycle these items—as long as they are not wet, mildewed, or contaminated with hazardous materials—so don’t trash them, Threadcycle them instead! Your ripped t-shirt from high school? That can be turned into a new product like insulation. Learn more, including where to drop off your items here.

Have fun

Cedar River Watershed Education Center
At the CRWEC having fun and learning is not only possible—its easy! This winter, join a Watershed Naturalist on a 2.5 adventure hike along the trails of Rattlesnake and Christmas Lakes. Several dates are available for ages 7 and up with an adult. Looking for fun inside? Storytime and Crafts may be just the thing for your family. Each Storytime features a wild animal or nature theme (like bears, salmon, and rain) that can be found in the watershed. Start off with a story, pictures, and videos and then make a craft inspired by the week’s theme. All ages are welcome. Registration for both events can be found under Free Winter Fun.

North Transfer Station Education Room
Located on the second floor of the North Transfer Station, the new Education Room overlooks the tipping floor and features interactive displays. Mark your calendar for an open house celebration on February 10, 2018! Visitors can see packer trucks bring in the compost and garbage collected from Seattle homes, explore how a transfer station works, and learn how garbage collection has changed over the last 100 years. The Education Room is open to the public during station hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.), but is not staffed by employees. Staff-led tours are not provided and the room is not available for private events. No food or beverages are allowed. Learn more about the North Transfer Station amenities here.

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