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Recycling in Seattle grows for 13th consecutive year

In 2016 the city recycled 439,672 tons. But there’s still room for growth For the thirteenth consecutive year, Seattle’s recycling rate continued to grow — to almost 60 percent — and the city held its place as one of the top recycling municipalities in the nation. According to a new… [ Keep reading ]

The Cedar River Watershed

Ever wonder where your drinking water comes from? Seattle’s water is captured as rain and snowmelt in two protected mountain watersheds east of Seattle: the Cedar River Watershed and the Tolt River Watershed. The Cedar River Watershed supplies about 65% of Seattle’s water, but that’s not all it offers. The… [ Keep reading ]

Smart Irrigation Month 2017!

Finally, the month you’ve been waiting for all year: It’s Smart Irrigation Month! The Irrigation Association launched Smart Irrigation Month in 2005 to increase public awareness of the value of efficient water use. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to learn more about using water wisely. Being water-wise… [ Keep reading ]