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FAQ: How do I use water wisely and still maintain a healthy lawn?

lawn grassA: Incorporate the natural lawn care and wise watering tips below to keep your lawn healthy—even in the hot summer months.



Water deeply, but less frequently.

  • When you water, make sure you moisten the whole root zone. Then, let the soil dry between waterings; this will prevent lawn disease and save water. Lawns only need about one inch of water a week in the summer to stay green.

Mow higher and leave the clippings.

  • Weeds: the number one enemy to lawns. Did you know that you can reduce weeds drastically if you mow higher? A higher cut allows lawns to fill in and become dense and lush. The density will crowd out weeds that normally invade when a lawn is sparse and weak.
  • “Grasscycling” or leaving the clippings on the lawn makes lawns healthier. It’s a win-win because soil organisms recycle the clippings into free fertilizer, and you save all the work of bagging.

In the summer months, brown is the new green.

  • It’s ok to let your lawn go dormant in the summer—it will bounce back in the fall! Just remember, lawns that are allowed to go brown do best if watered deeply once a month to keep the roots alive. Check the soil a few inches below the surface, near the roots. If it’s dry, it’s time to water.

To learn more about natural lawn care tips, including aerating and overseeding your lawn, click here.

Remember: conserving water not only saves you money on your utility bill, it helps ensure that we’ll have enough water for generations—of people and wildlife—to come.