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Murray appoints new Seattle Public Utilities Director

Mayor Ed Murray today announced his appointment for the Director of Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), Mami Hara. Hara is an experienced utility executive and planner. “Mami brings a strong foundation of public and private sector leadership to the City, along with a commitment to advancing equitable and sustainable cities through… [ Keep reading ]

FAQ: What are common watering systems and how do I use them?

A: Three common watering systems are watering wands, automatic irrigation, and soaker hoses. Watering wands are used for individual plants or small garden beds, while automatic irrigation systems are used for larger lawn or garden areas that require regular watering. Soaker hoses are used for food gardens and new trees. Are you having trouble… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle City Council to consider 3-year solid waste rate plan

Proposal would increase garbage rates by an average of 4.4 percent annually SEATTLE — In keeping with Seattle Public Utilities’ long-term strategic business plan, the Seattle City Council Tuesday will consider a rate path for solid waste services — garbage, recycling, composting — which would raise residential and commercial charges… [ Keep reading ]

FAQ: How often and how much should I water in the summer?

A: That’s a tricky question. There are no hard and fast rules for watering (it depends on the soil, type of plant, weather, and other factors), but a quick and easy tip is to check your soil. Use your hand or a trowel to dig a couple inches down into the… [ Keep reading ]

Register for a free Auto Leaks Class!

Every year, oil and other automotive fluids find their way to Puget Sound and other waterways where they pose a risk to wildlife and habitats. Seattle Public Utilities’ Automotive Maintenance Program wants to help you make sound choices. Attend a FREE Auto Leaks Workshop and have your car inspected by a certified… [ Keep reading ]

FAQ: How do I use water wisely and still maintain a healthy lawn?

A: Incorporate the natural lawn care and wise watering tips below to keep your lawn healthy—even in the hot summer months. Water deeply, but less frequently. When you water, make sure you moisten the whole root zone. Then, let the soil dry between waterings; this will prevent lawn disease and save… [ Keep reading ]

“Water” you doing to conserve water?

Using water wisely saves you money on your utility bill, but that’s not all! By conserving water you play a vital role in keeping our environment healthy. Is conservation important to you? The Saving Water Partnership (SWP)—Seattle Public Utilities and its 18 water utility partners—wants to know! Take our water conservation… [ Keep reading ]