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FAQ: My shirt’s all worn out, should I toss it in the trash?

Answer: No, threadcycle it!


Ripped, worn and stained clothes and linens, heavily worn shoes, and “singles” of items that are normally paired aren’t garbage anymore.

Threadcycle, a joint project of King County and Seattle Public Utilities, is urging residents to take used clothing items to one of the dozens of donation locations operated by nine partner organizations throughout Seattle and King County.

Many items are accepted as long as they’re not wet, mildewed or contaminated with hazardous materials.

Can I just put ripped or worn clothes in my household recycling bin?

No– municipal recycling facilities (MRFs) aren’t set up to recycle clothes.  A pair of jeans can get caught in the machines which causes the entire facility to be shut down until they can be cleared.

Clothes put into the recycling bin would also get dirty and would not be accepted for reuse or and possibly not recycling.

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